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I welcome Elaine Raco Chase to my blog today. Elaine writes sassy, laugh out loud, contemporary romances – some more explicit than others. Her audiobooks have hit numerous iTunes and bestsellers lists including Special Delivery which was #4 out of 10 Top Stellar reviewed romance audiobooks – and the only Indie – of 2012!

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What was it like hearing your books narrated as an audiobook?
It was Wow! And a little unnerving. And fun! It’s totally different to hear your words spoken by another person with inflection and comic delivery with a hint of drama. I was really blessed to find some fantastic narrators that just seemed to know how to deliver my written words with ‘punch.’ My background is writing for radio and TV. I produced/directed many commercials for local and national spots, as well as doing voice-overs myself.
But an audiobook needs a professional voice and studio equipment. I was blessed with finding some fabulous narrators: Sheila Book and Rachel Logan both have highly rated radio shows; Katie McAble has a soap opera background; Jill Arehart is also an actress; Janina Edwards is a voice teacher; and my Bella Czar duo of Destiny Landon & Lee James are professional actors who have done voice-overs for major production houses.

What was the most rewarding part of the production process?

Working with and meeting all the narrators. I can honestly say we’ve formed a great friendship. They asked smart questions, made suggestions, and delivered quality production. Bella Czar’s group went above and beyond with creating original music at the head of each chapter, adding in sound effects that turned Dare the Devil into a movie soundtrack, and working with me to make dual narration really something spectacular and different.

Was there anything surprising?
Yes…I do write some explicit love scenes and ‘hearing them’ proved quite – well…let me just say I was blushing!

What would you tell someone who has never tried listening to an audiobook?

Give them a try…hear some samples in the genres you love to read. Check and see if your favorite book has a matching audiobook. I realize audiobooks are not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak, but I find them a great alternative to reading. Everyone, no matter what their age, loves to be read to.
And there are many different styles of audiobooks. Some narrators just read the story; others do a lot of voice inflections so you can hear the change of characters; and then there are a few, like mine, where there are dual narrators who become a cast of 100’s, add in music and sound effects for a movie-like experience.

Audiobooks are a great listen on a drive – either short or long; they are wonderful exercise companions; and you can just drift away from the TV and fall into another world. When I first started writing, I agreed to have all my print books turned into audiobooks for Lighthouse for the Blind, their major users…now audiobooks are being embraced by everyone, at any age! There was a recent article that noticed an improvement for kids who have autism and used both eBooks/audiobooks on their iPads – what a fabulous teaching duo.
Why are audiobooks a good alternative to print or e-books?

There’s a great new thing called: whispersync! If you own certain Kindles you can link the audiobook to its matching eBook usually at a steal of a discount. So you can hear and read at the same time.

Do you outline your books or wing it? Describe your process.

I do both. When I sit down to create a new story, I go back to pencil and paper and lay the book out….with the characters, the plotting, the who/what/where/when/how/why of the story. I’m known for being a dialogue writer, and I’d rather have my characters describe things instead of putting in paragraphs/pages of description. I have taught creative writing for over 20 years in schools for as young as first graders to colleges/universities/adult Ed throughout the US and Canada. There is no right or wrong way to write – whatever works for you. My characters take the most time, right down to finding their pictures…but I love it.

What genre(s) do you write in? Why?

I write contemporary romantic comedies, sexy mystery/thrillers, and non-fiction. In fact my first non-fiction was nominated for the prestigious Agatha Christie Award and is in the FBI Library at Quantico – Writer’s Digest Howdunit Series: Amateur Detectives – a writer’s guide to how private citizens solve criminal cases. It was also optioned for a TV series by the BBC – which unfortunately has not happened – yet! Why? I love all the genres I write in. And feel my style is quite different from what’s available.

How much research was involved in writing your books? How did you go about it?

There’s a lot of research in all my books. A good writer is first and foremost a good researcher…so you search out everything you need whether it’s about the characters, the plot points, the setting. The internet has saved me a lot of time. But I always triple check the facts. I’ve called and interviewed people and that’s been fun.

How much of you is in the books you write? In what ways?
The only part of ‘me’ is in the heroine’s attitudes. My ladies are smart, sassy, sexy and normal. They know how to take care of themselves mentally, physically, & emotionally – all though we all have chinks in our armor!

What is your latest audiobook about? Who is the narrator? Please share retail links also.
My newest audiobook is Double Occupancy. It has the dual narrators of Destiny Landon & Lee James, with some fabulous music they wrote and a few fun sound effects! The eBook has been on FaceBook’s hottest list – Top 50 Books to read after Fifty Shades of Grey – for over 18 continuous months, even though it has no BDSM/contracts, fuzzy handcuffs, or ropes!

It’s the story of Casey Reynolds, a burnt out reporter, who takes a well-needed respite at a villa in Mexico. She finds someone else, Travis Craig, was also offered the villa to rest up after being ill and losing his teaching job. There’s a few twists and secrets (no spoilers) but it’s a romantic comedy that’s elegantly erotic. Destiny Landon is perfect as Casey – in fact she said she became Casey when she voiced the story. And Lee James has one of those deep, sexy-as-sin voices and is the perfect Travis. I even did a double-take at the sound effects (no not that kind!) when Travis kicked down Casey’s bedroom door!

Tell us about your hero or heroine in this book. Give us one of his/her strengths and one of his/her weaknesses.
Casey is a different heroine – she’s not petite (over 6 feet); not thin (normal size 14); not clueless (she’s a crime reporter). Her father was a big time sports reporter who wanted a son or a beauty queen daughter – instead he got her and emotionally & verbally abused her. Her strength & weaknesses comes from that. She is funny, sassy, has that ‘shoot-from-the-hip’ attitude and yet is very vulnerable when it comes to falling in love.

What other audiobooks have you written?
I currently have 11 audiobooks:
Rules of the Game narrated by Rachel Logan
One Way or Another narrated by Janina Edwards (this was top rated/reviewed audiobook for Oct. 2012)
Best Laid Plans narrated by Jill Arehart (iTunes #1 audiobook)
Lady Be Bad narrated by Jill Arehart
No Easy Way Out narrated by Katie McAble
Video Vixen narrated by Sheila Book
Designing Woman narrated by Sheila Book
Calculated Risk narrated by Sheila Book
Dare the Devil narrated by Bella Czar’s duo: Destiny Landon & Lee James
Special Delivery narrated by Bella Czar’s duo: Destiny Landon & Lee James
Double Occupancy narrated by Bella Czar’s duo: Destiny Landon & Lee James

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