Seeking Child-Centered Type 1 Diabetes Products for Review


Just a few months ago, I re-branded my author web site as Characters at a Crossroads. I chose this name because the characters inhabiting my stories have reached a crossroads where they can either get out of their own way and move toward a more fulfilling future, or they can remain stuck in the same negative patterns that hold them back from their goals. In addition to blogging about books and authors, I also publish inspirational and informative Character Crossroads posts to help people as they reach these various turning points in their lives.

Ironically, I recently reached a crossroads this winter when my family was affected by Type 1 Diabetes. I was angry, sad, and overwhelmed by these new challenges and by the unfairness of the situation. My crossroads was that I could either let my emotions get the best of me and allow diabetes to control us; or I could arm myself with medical knowledge and valuable resources, advocate for medical advances and a cure, and take control. As a longtime author and journalist, sharing information with my readers is what I do and an important part of who I am.

As a result, I have decided to start reviewing books, apps, and products geared toward families that have a child with Type 1 Diabetes. This is far from the only thing that I will write about on this blog. I will still write posts about my books, feature interviews/guest articles from fiction authors, and highlight giveaways, blog hops, and other special events. However from time to time, I would like to share the best diabetes resources that I find with other families who may find them helpful. I will archive diabetes reviews on my Character Crossroads page. I will also be supporting fundraising efforts such as fellow author Brenda Novak’s annual For the Cure of Diabetes online auction and sharing updates with my readers.

If you have a book, app, toy, or other product related to Type 1 Diabetes and children/families and would like to inquire about sending a review copy, please use the form below to contact me and I would be happy to consider it. Please note that I am only interested in reviewing products and books geared toward inspiring and supporting children and parents, and I will not be reviewing medical products such as blood glucose meters, etc.

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