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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me here, Stacy! And, your new website looks great, by the way :)

  2. Thanks for the great post, Maria! I thoroughly enjoyed The Dream!

  3. Maria, I often ponder these same questions of destiny and choice. Perhaps it’s a writer thing?

    Funny how your life went in a sort of opposite direction of mine. I’d started college with the intent of studying English or Psychology. Or maybe law. I couldn’t decide. I didn’t settle in well, in part because I completely lacked direction, and wound up going to cosmetology school. My mother owned a salon and I’d pretty much grown up with the business. While working as a stylist, I decided to take more college courses. I was torn between English and health, and wound up getting my BS in natural health with the intent of starting a consulting business for health and nutrition. But instead I started writing health-related articles for an Internet site, which lead back to writing as a career. So I wonder if I wasn’t always supposed to be here, regardless of the decisions I made.

    We’ll probably always ponder that path not taken.

    The Dream is a fun book! The story really made me question fate and choice.

    • That is more of less opposite, but strangely similar too. You & I seem to have a lot of things in common, Darcia!
      My sister actually went on to do hairdressing at the college that I was supposed to have gone to, so I did get to see what it would have been like in a way. Maybe it’s true that we can take lots of different paths but end up where we were meant to be?
      Thanks for your comment about The Dream :) It was the first fantasy type novel I wrote. The one I’m trying to find time to work on at the moment is also a fantasy, but a bit more like the Far Away In Time story from my upcoming collection… more magical and other-worldly.

      • Ooh, I love the sound of ‘magical and other-worldly’! Far Away In Time is a fabulous collection of stories.

  4. So interesting to hear from Maria. I agree that there are lots of choices we make in life and each one impacts our life in ways we don’t know. Sometimes the decisions are big- like moving or going to school, but sometimes they are smaller like taking a different route home from work. I always wonder about the impacts our choices have on our lives. Reading this post made me curious to read The Dream. It sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Thanks, Jess :) Yes, I totally agree. There are lots of different little choices we make each day. I suppose it’s wondering about all those things that keeps us writers busy LOL If you get the chance to read The Dream I hope you enjoy it. It fitted in well with Stacy’s theme of crossroads, my main character, Lynne, is definitely at a very important crossroads in her life!

      • Thanks, Darcia! And, if I can ever stop rearranging the sentences, it should be published soon LOL :)

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