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I would like to welcome Caroline Clemmons to my blog today. Caroline is an Amazon bestselling author of western historical romance whose books have won numerous awards. A frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, she has taught workshops on characterization, point of view, and layering a novel. She lives in North Texas with her husband.

What was it like hearing your books narrated as an audiobook?

As you can imagine, hearing my words spoken by a professional narrator was thrilling. I listened carefully and tried to picture myself as a listener unfamiliar with the book.

High Stakes Bride

What was the most rewarding part of the production process? Was there anything surprising?

Getting a notice from Audible.com that the book was ready for sale was a high for me. I am not surprised, exactly, just amazed that I enjoyed the process.

What would you tell someone who has never tried listening to an audiobook? Why are audiobooks a good alternative to print or e-books?

I encourage readers to try an audiobook. Audiobooks leave our hands free to do those mindless tasks. Driving, household chores, hobbies such as scrapbooking and crochet, walking, and so forth can be made more enjoyable while listening to an audiobook.

There is a lot of writing involved before authors get to the point where their books are ready to be produced as audiobook. Here are a few questions about the writing process:

Do you outline your books or wing it? Describe your process.

Outline for me, every time. Even if I deviate from the outline along the way, I need the outline as a roadmap to stay on track. I kick the story idea around with my critique partners, then come home and outline the entire book. As I said, at times I take a short detour, but I always come back to the plan.

What genre(s) do you write in? Why?

Although most of my books are western historical romances, I also write contemporary romance and time travel. I’ve also written one cozy mystery and one mystery. Romance is where my heart is, so I concentrate my effort there. Everyone needs a little variety, which is why I sometimes take a break with a contemporary romance or time travel.

How much research was involved in writing your books? How did you go about it?

A lot of research is required. I have many research books in my personal library on which I depend. There is always the internet, of course, and friends who are experts in various fields. So many aspects go into writing a book, whether historical or contemporary, that I like to do my homework before I begin. Certainly, at times something unforeseen crops up, and I must stop and research that.

How much of you is in the books you write? In what ways?

A little of me is in all my characters, good and bad. Each of us is the sum of all our experiences. Therefore, each experience has enriched us in one way or another. Even bad experiences teach lessons—as in, don’t let that happen again or this is how I felt when that happened. Writers draw on those internalizations when creating a story.

What is your latest audiobook about? Who is the narrator?

High Stakes Bride is my latest audiobook, narrated by Emily Beresford. This is the story of a woman in jeopardy, Alice Price, on the run from dangerous men. Luckily for her, she teams up with a Zach Stone, a wonderful hero. I love this story and so enjoyed sharing it with readers.
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Tell us about your hero or heroine in this book. Give us one of his/her strengths and one of his/her weaknesses.

Zach Stone is one of my favorite heroes. He has been a soldier and Ranger and rescued three children from the feared Kiowas. The parents of one child were so grateful, they sold him their huge ranch and home for only cents on the dollar when they went back east. He loves the ranch and wants to wed and build a family. Jilted after an injury capturing robbers left his face scarred, he wrote for a mail-order bride who also jilted him. Disgusted, he vows never to speak to another woman not related to him. Then he meets up with Alice Price, who needs a place to hide while she recovers from pneumonia.

Zach’s weakness is his pride where his brothers are concerned. Because he doesn’t want Joel and Micah teasing him about being jilted by mail, he figures Alice can come to his ranch and pretend to be his bride, make everyone dislike her, then he can pay her way to Atlanta (where she thinks she wants to go) and she will have rested, recovered, and escaped the men pursuing her.

What other audiobooks have you written?

Brazos Bride is the first of Men of Stone Mountain books. High Stakes Bride is the second and both are self-published. Years ago, The Most Unsuitable Wife was sold to by Kensington to Realistic and released in cassettes. I don’t own those audio rights, and have personally commissioned just the two Men of Stone Mountain audiobooks.

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  1. Caroline Clemmons says

    Thanks so much for hosting me on your site, Stacy. I appreciate the opportunity, and I’ve tweeted and posted on Facebook.

    • Peggy Henderson says

      I love audiobooks! And hearing your own written words in audio is just super cool! Good luck with your audiobooks, Caroline. I’ll be looking for them on Audible.

  2. I’m going to give your audio books a try, Caroline. I used books on tape when I first started having vision problems, but those books were nothing like the professional recordings now. 🙂

Stacy Juba