2 New Features: Amazon Internatl. Links And Word Search Puzzles

I have a couple new features on my web site that I thought I would share. The first caters to readers who aren’t in the United States. Now if you go on my Shop page, you’ll see a link for Amazon International Links listed among the retailers for each of my titles. Click the link and you can hop over to the product page on each of the Amazon international sites. Need to get to Amazon UK, Germany, Italy, or more? Check out what it looks like for my mystery novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today. I was able to offer this neat feature via Auth.lit.

Second, I created word search puzzles for each of my titles. Each puzzle includes words from that particular book. For example, the Sink or Swim puzzle has words such as reality TV, fitness, and obsessed. I also created word searches for my teen and children’s books. You can download all of the word searches here. Please feel free to bring copies to your local library or to offer to book club members. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Amazon international links.

Stacy Juba