Family-to-Family Helps Children One Book At a Time

I was fortunate enough to have Callie, a graduating high school senior, intern for me. I was able to teach her about marketing and publishing, and it also gave me the opportunity to get more items accomplished on my to-do list. One of these items was highlighting the Family-to-Family organization. I’m sure you will enjoy Callie’s two-part series on this great organization.

One of the literacy projects on is the One Book At a Time project. This project provides you with the opportunity to help promote literacy and reading among children who would otherwise be denied access to books due to their financial circumstances.

Once you become a member of the project, you are given the name, address, age, and reading level of a child. The project asks that you commit to the program for one year, sending one book and one letter per month to the child you are sponsoring. This project is a great way to have your own children play an active role in helping their community, as well as to create in them a deeper appreciation of their own literacy. You may have your children help pick the monthly books, or to help write the letter to the child you are sponsoring.

The details of the One Book At a Time project are located on the Family-to-Family website here. All it takes is an email to get involved in this great cause.

Family-to-Family sponsors several other literacy projects. Among these are the Giving Works project, which gives children in poverty the opportunity to be givers; the Traveling Journal, which is a journal shared by two classrooms, one of children with “less,” the other of children with “more,” and which allows the children to learn of their similarities and differences through artwork and writing; Class-to-Class, which creates a link between a poor class and a better off class through the sharing of books; Books for Life, which collects unwanted books that can be given to communities in need; and Dictionary in Every Home, which is a monthly donation program that collects reference books for families in poverty.

So what is the great organization behind all these projects? Family-to-Family is a tax-exempt, nonprofit national hunger and poverty relief organization dedicated to connecting families that are well off with families who have significantly less. Members are able to give in many ways, doing everything from shopping to packing to sending the supplies and donations needed. The organization encourages those who donate to create a connection with those they are helping whenever it is possible by writing letters. Right now, Family-to-Family donates over 12,000 meals per month to 1,800 moms, dads, and children across the country.

Get connected with Family-to-Family on their website below, as well as their social media pages, also listed. And don’t miss Part 2 of this blog series on Family-to-Family, focusing on The Birthday Giving Project.


Callie O. recently completed an internship for Stacy in her senior year. This fall she will be going to college at Clark University, majoring in chemistry and taking part in the Pre-Medical program. In her spare time, Callie writes poems, short stories, and fiction and fantasy stories.

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