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  1. Stacy, the best network on the globe involves moms standing in the gap for their kids. They are as fierce as crusaders arming themselves against an often invisible foe. Your post is well presented and may help many.

  2. I am sending this to a friend whose child was just diagnosed. And I love that you included #8. Super important!

    • Thanks so much for coming by, Georgia. I totally agree. Beautifully put! I’m so glad you sent it to you friend, Paula. That is exactly what I was hoping to accomplish with this post. The research was so overwhelming and I wanted to make it easier on other parents of recently diagnosed kids, giving them a list of leads to explore. People think they know what Type 1 Diabetes is but they really don’t understand how complicated it is until they are going through it – that went for me also. It’s so stressful to do research when you’re trying to adjust to the daily tasks of managing lows, counting carbs and giving injections.

  3. I am the friend of Paula. Our 9 year old daughter was diagnosed 3 weeks when she was admitted to the ICU with diabetic ketoacidosis. We became suspicious when her thirst could not be quenched and her sudden weight loss (from 70lb to 60lb in about a week.) I picked up a box of ketone strips at the drug store and when we tested her she was off the charts. It has been a whirlwind since then given all the information that we have had learn in a short period of time. Your post will certainly prove to be very helpful in our journey. Thank you Paula for bringing this blog to our attention and thank you Stacy for sharing.

    • I’m so sorry, Rob. That must have been so scary for your family. Good for you being on top of things. I didn’t even know what ketone strips were back then. I know what a whirlwind it is and what a shock. It’s like a nightmare at first but thankfully it can be managed and you will adjust to a new normal. And thankfully they are coming up with more and more advances. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me. The one positive side of all this – these kids become so assertive, tough and disciplined which will serve them well as they get older. Also check out Diabetic Danica on You Tube – she has lots of informative videos and is a great role models for kids.

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