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Today I welcome Molly MacRae to my blog. Molly is one of the authors featured in the new release: Bake, Love, Write: 105 Authors Share Dessert Recipes and Advice on Love and Writing. Molly writes the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries – cozies with a splash of humor and a twist of light paranormal. The books take place in a part of the world – the mountains of northeast Tennessee – that she and her family love.

What is the name of the recipe you included in Bake, Love, Write? Could you tell us a little about it, and why did you choose that recipe?

I contributed Rhubarb Sourdough Bread Pudding to the cookbook. Bread pudding is a nice, old-fashioned comfort dessert. My children love it. We also love rhubarb, and I’m always looking for new ways to use it. One day when we had rhubarb and some past-its-prime sourdough, the light bulb went on in my head. The addition of crystallized ginger was a big hit.

Could you give a short quote of the advice you included in the book?
Short? You’ve got it. My advice was a single sentence: Revision is the key to success.

Use your writerly powers of description to describe your kitchen.
What’s in my kitchen and what happens there are more interesting than the room itself. It’s compact, complete, and super-efficient. Two people can work in it at the same time, but only if they know how to Tango. The oven and dishwasher are opposite each other and you can’t have both open at the same time. The cupboards are marvels of efficiency with shelves that pull out like drawers. The corner cupboards have revolving shelves so nothing gets lost at the back. And the cupboard with the herbs and spices? Open it and be carried away on cinnamon, cardamom, oregano, thyme, basil, curry, garam masala, ginger, allspice . . . What happens in the kitchen? Things like Red Curry Falafal, Green Mango Salad, Roasted Vegetables with Herbed Dijon Sauce, Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie, Curried Sweet Potato Pasties, Schiacciata con le Cipolle Rosse e Formaggio. Also, I have really sharp knives. After all, I am a mystery writer.

Tell us about your latest release.
Plagued by Quilt is the fourth book in the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries involving Kath Rutledge, a textile preservation specialist who inherited her grandmother’s fiber and fabric shop in Blue Plum, Tennessee. She also ended up with a depressed ghost on her hands. In this story, Kath and her needlework group TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Fiber) are preparing to teach a workshop at the Holston Homeplace Living History Farm. When a long-buried murder is uncovered on the property, and then the site director is found dead, it’s up to Kath, TGIF, and Geneva the ghost to thread the clues together before someone else becomes history. There are two recipes in the book and a pattern for a crazy mug rug or hot pad.

You can connect with Molly MacRae on her website, on Facebook, or at Killer Characters.

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Bake, Love, Write
Here are more details on Bake, Love, Write below:
What do most authors have in common, no matter what genre they write? They love desserts. Sweets sustain them through pending deadlines and take the sting out of crushing rejection letters and nasty reviews. They also often celebrate their successes—selling a book, winning a writing award, making a bestseller list, or receiving a fabulous review—with decadent indulgences. And when authors chat with each other, they often talk about their writing and their lives. Recipes. Writing. Relationships. In this cookbook 105 authors not only share their favorite recipes for fabulous cakes, pies, cookies, candy, and more, they also share the best advice they’ve ever received on love and writing.

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  1. What a fun post! My kitchen is a bit larger, I think, but the cupboards are a problem. I’m getting those drawer things installed in either December or January (whenever I pop up on their list). Can’t wait! Glad to see another endorsement of them. My husband, when he saw the cost, asked, “Why are we doing this, again?” I said, “So I don’t have to cuss a blue streak whenever I get out a pot.” Your kitchen sounds like a very nice place to visit!

    Thanks, Molly and Stacy!

  2. Thanks for having me here, today, Stacy! It was a fun interview.

  3. Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!!

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