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If you’re looking for a top sci-fi/fantasy writer for your reading list, then you won’t want to miss this interview with David Wind. David is the author of thirty-seven novels including Science Fiction, Mystery and Suspense thrillers. He lives and writes in a small village about thirty miles upstate of NYC, and shares his house with his wife, Bonnie and dog Alfie, a sub-standard poodle (email him for an explanation). David is also one of my fellow authors at eNovel Authors at Work, a group of indie authors who believe in paying it forward.

David Wind

What genre(s) do you write in? Why?
I write in Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery/suspense/thriller. I’ve written in other genres but love these the best because they allow me to experiment, worlds of imagination, and puzzles with which to tease the mind

What is your favorite part of writing?
Creating a world and the people within it, building lives, relationships, and having their adventures flow onto the pages. This holds true no matter what genre or type of novel it is. I write sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, mysteries and thrillers and each becomes a world unto itself.

Some writers edit excessively as they write; others wait until a novel is finished to do the bulk of editing. How about you?

My process is a little different. I edit daily (rewrite), but just once. When the story is finished, I do a full draft revision, and then wait a week or so, and do it again. Then I send the book to my Beta readers, and, while I’m waiting, either start outlining and plotting a new story, or read other writers. Once I have the results back for the Beta readers, I do a final draft before having a professional editor edit the book.

How much research was involved in writing your book? How did you go about it?
Science Fiction itself takes a fair amount of research and fantasy takes about as much. Many people think fantasy is easier because you can just make it all up… No way. In order to make a world believable, the story needs to have a foundation based in reality and scientific fact; without that fundamental construction, the reader cannot find that special place where they can suspend disbelief and enter your world. When I started the series, Tales Of Nevaeh, and was writing the first book, Born To Magic, I was fortunate enough to get information from several “rocket” scientists and an astronomer. What I learned enabled me to create a viable world 3000 years from now, a world that survived by sheer luck. So, how much research? Enough to make certain what I write works, scientifically and emotionally.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever done in the name of research?
Sorry. If I tell you, my wife will probably cut off a couple of my favorite body parts.

What inspired your latest release?
When I drill right down to the base reason for my new novel, and the entire Tales Of Nevaeh series, the driving force behind the stories is terrorism in today’s world. It is a story about terrorism carried out by fundamentalist groups in the name of religion, the terrorism that threatens the lives of so many people around the world and, taken to the extreme, the long term results of terrorism gone wild 3000 years later, in a world devastated by Nuclear war..

Can you tell us about your road to publication?
The road to publication, like any road not yet travelled, was not the simplest. After spending almost 20 years wanting to write, thinking about writing, and finally taking a chance and writing a novel—just to see if I could. It wasn’t great, but an agent I sent it to thought I had potential, but not the manuscript. It took another year to find an editor willing to take a chance and, in 1981, Editor Star Helmer, at Gallen Books, published my first novel.

How much time do you spend promoting your books?
ARGHHHH ! As an independent author, I spend somewhere in the vicinity of 2 hours a day, except when a new book is being released, then the sky is the limit on social Media.

Have you had other careers before becoming a writer?
I think it is rarer for some NOT to have a career before becoming a writer, I know I’ve had several. After college, I went to work for the Playboy Organization in Atlanta and then in Chicago, (not the magazine, the clubs) and spent a couple of years with them before being drafted. After the army, I spent a few years in advertising. First newspaper advertising, and then Radio & TV. The corporate life did not suit me well, and after leaving Chicago for New York, I went into the beauty industry. It was during that time that I was able to get my first novel published. My newest novel, The Dark Masters, will be my 37th and my 4th Indie novel.

Do you have or belong to a writing organization? Which one?
I’m one of those guys who likes to spend time with my peers, when I’m not writing, so I can learn more. I’m a member of The Author’s Guild, SFWA (Science Fiction Writers Of America), The MWA (Mystery Writers Of America), MWA-NY and NINC (Novelists, Inc)

What do you read? Do you read different genres when you’re writing versus not writing?
I absolutely read different genres when I write. If I’m writing Sci-Fi or Fantasy I will not read that genre. If I’m working on a thriller or mystery, I’ll read sci-fi, or general fiction.

What’s your favorite film of all times? Favorite book?
—FILMS: That changes all the time, but among my favorite films are: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Shindler’s List, The Godfather, Psycho, Forrest Gump, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Gladiator, Raiders Of The Lost Ark. There are more….
—BOOKS: Most people laugh, but when I was 13, and my folks had moved from New York to Florida and I had made no friends yet, I took a book out of the library (It was the first time I’d gotten a book that was not an assignment for a book report) It was titled, Starman’s Son, by Andre Norton. I read it, and from that point on, I was hooked, not just on Sci-Fi, but on reading!. At 13, I averaged at least 2 books a week from that point on( as far as I was concerned, reading became more important than homework). That’s why I consider it my most favorite book, as it was the one that turned me into a reader and eventually, a writer.

If you could have one skill that you don’t currently have, what would it be?
That’s a fairly easy question to answer…Reading minds. Of course, if that’s not possible, the best skill I can think of would be writing without typos. Now, that’s a skill.

What music “soothes your soul”? Do you listen to music as you write?
Classic Rock & Roll, Blues and Jazz are my favorite types of music. There are times when I listen to music when I write, and times I cannot stand to hear anything that will break my concentration. So, the answer to the second question is: music and writing is a mood thing for me.

For more about David, visit his website and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

David’s newest book, the second novel in the Tales Of Nevaeh series, is:
The Dark Masters, Tales Of Nevaeh, Volume II– In what once was Europe, the Dark Masters launch a fleet of ships filled with tens of thousands of their followers.In Nevaeh, charged with an epic journey by the eight sorceresses of ‘The Island’, Areenna and Mikaal must travel to the desolate and unchartered frozen mountains, armed only with their psychic abilities and their swords, where they must discover not just the legends, but, the millennia old secret awaiting them in their fight to save Nevaeh from extermination.

Buy it on:

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  1. Thank you for hosting this interview, Stacy.

  2. Abby L. Vandiver says

    Wow, David, thirty-seven books?!? That is amazing. They could fill my summer reading list. Great interview!

  3. Fascinating interview David and Stacy! Loved to hear all these interesting things about your past, David, especially the Playboy and beauty industry bit! I imagine you in your past like a young heartthrob now with one supermodel on either arm, LOL. Oh! Stephen King advises authors to leave the MS alone for 6 weeks after writing the first draft! I am trying that next time. Experience has shown that I am blind to the problems on the MS if I start editing at once, so I am going to trust good old Stephen from now on. Thought you should know 🙂

  4. A great interview! Thanks for sharing. So nice to read about a fellow eNovelAuthorsAtWork member, particularly when it’s full of sage advice AND humor!! (Loved the remark re research!)

  5. Always interesting to find out something about the Author behind the books. I like the Navaeh series, so it’s good to hear the background.

  6. Terrific interview, Stacy and thanks for sharing David. Wow, I’m impressed! 37 Novels and counting. Good for you. I would love the ‘no typos’ super power too. 🙂

  7. Linda Lee Williams says

    David, we like some of the same flicks. I would add Starman to my list of Sci-Fi favorites, even if the story was a bit cheesy. I enjoyed Jeff Bridges’ and Karen Allen’s performances and the romantic angle. For a short while, there was a TV program about “Starman’s son,” but it didn’t fare well. Just curious, are you a Trekkie?

    Enjoyed your interview!

    • THanks, Linda, A Trekkie, no. (but love startrek) Starman yes, loved it! We’ll really have to compare movie likes…. I just unpacked 200 from the move. The rest are stored. The new place is too small. 🙂

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