Blogger Sign-Up: Join the #GlassSlipperSisters Holiday Cinderella Book Tour


Do you enjoy Cinderella stories? Could you use some help filling up your blog during the busy holiday season? Then I would like to invite you to host the Glass Slipper Sisters magical holiday blog tour and princess giveaway.

The Glass Slipper Sisters is a group of 15 authors with a passion for Cinderella stories. You’ll find chick lit, contemporary romance, paranormal, suspense, and historical novels all with a unique Cinderella or rags to riches twist. Watch for our upcoming Cinderella Treasure Trove, a compilation of book excerpts, Cinderella-themed recipes, and royal party tips. The book will be available free at most retailers, and to celebrate, we’re holding a blog tour coordinated by Magic of Books Promotion.

Our Stroke of Midnight Royal Ball, will go live New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes twelve. We will be giving away a huge Pamper Yourself Like A Princess Pack of Cinderella-themed DVDs, jewelry, candy, and many more royal treats.

Bloggers, sign up to host the giveaway as well as easy-to-post mini blitzes of the following individual Cinderella books. Please help us to spread some Cinderella magic during the holiday season, and let us come visit you on our blog.

***Please visit our Glass Slipper Sisters Store for links to our books on Amazon.***



Cinderella’s Enchanted Night by Amber Daulton – Annalise wanted just one night with Elijah, but will an antique locket and a bit of Cinderella magic fulfill her every dream?

Cinderella had it Easy by Jennifer Conner – Cami only has 24 hours in her Cinderella body. Will she keep hiding or can she learn how to live life?

Cinderella Series – The Collection by Kae Elle Wheeler – A concerned queen and a feisty fairy godmother unleash mischief. All due to an impulsive decision from the prince and the glass slipper fitting other than the intended foot.

Cinder the Fae by Rebecca R Garniere – When Prince Rome’s father initiates a contest to win him a wife, Cinder finds herself having to fight sixty other females for his heart while trying to keep the evil vying for the crown from destroying them all.

Fairy Tale Flirts by Lisa Scott – She’s an unappreciated housekeeper with an eye for designer goodies. Can Cindi get her dream shoes and her dream guy? A sweet, funny modern take on Cinderella.

Fooling Around with Cinderella by Stacy Juba – What happens when the glass slippers pinch Cinderella’s toes? When Jaine Andersen proposes a new marketing role to the local amusement park, general manager Dylan Callahan charms her into filling Cinderella’s glass slippers for the summer.
Cinderella dress

Home Sweet Texas by Caroline Clemmons – This modern Cinderella encounters problems even a fairy godmother couldn’t imagine.

Nobody’s Cinderella by Joan Reeves – A lie and a wish on a Christmas star…uh oh! This Cinderella should have been careful what she wished for!

Pumpkin: A Cindermama Story by Ines Johnson – Having given up on fairytales after falling for her toad of an ex, Pumpkin is afraid to take a chance on town royalty Manny who believes she may be his soulmate.

Savage Cinderella by P J Sharon – Kidnapped and left for dead, Brinn Hathaway survives for years in the wild, only to be drawn out of hiding by a young nature photographer who steals her heart. Now, Brinn must decide if coming out of hiding is worth the hope—and the danger—that may await her.

Second Chance Cinderella by Sharon Kleve – Raven St. James only has 24 hours in her Cinderella body. What will she do with it? Will she become the confident, strong, flirty girl she wants to be? Will she get the guy she has always wanted?

Spellbound Cinderella by Angela Ford – If you had your dream body for only 24 hours… What would you do? One magical pendant gives Tess one wish to use before the clock strikes twelve.

The Cinderella Princess by Melissa McClone – A scandal-ridden prince must marry a royal if he doesn’t want to be disowned, but he falls for the American sent to find him a princess bride.

The Thin Person Inside by Rochelle Weber – Kristen Jensen never expected to fall in love when she finally decided to address her morbid obesity by seeking addictions treatment—let alone with a rock star.

Wishful Thinking by Lynette Sofras – A struggling single mother and a pop-icon turned Hollywood star meet in unusual circumstances. Fate drew them together, but the intrigue and trappings of stardom threaten to unravel love’s ties.

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