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As the author of a Cinderella-themed romance novel myself, I was eager to invite contemporary romance author Shelley Munro to my blog. Shelley is featuring her Cinderella-themed romance novel One Night of Misbehavior. A perennial romantic, Shelley lives in New Zealand with her husband and their Jack Russell/mystery breed puppy. When she is not writing and creating tales of romance and adventure, she loves to explore the world and indulge her passion of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, learning about different cultures and sampling foreign (to her) food and drink.
New Zealand Cinderella

What inspired you to write a book based off the story of Cinderella?
I answered a publisher’s call to write a contemporary romance. They wanted popular tropes including fairy tales. Cinderella has always been my favorite fairy tale, and I let my mind go wild with my own interpretation. I ended up receiving a rejection, but I believed in my story and the characters and decided to self-publish.

How did you come up with the plot and title?
My reading tastes have always leaned toward the spicy end of the romance scale, and my writing naturally followed in that direction. I also live in New Zealand and wanted to give a “Kiwi” slant to my tale. I set my story in Auckland, New Zealand and added all the plot elements I love to read. I added a little of Beauty and the Beast, some spicy love scenes, a touch of New Zealand and tied it together with a big Cinderella bow.
The title was more problematic, and it took me ages to settle on one that gave a hint of the spiciness yet also the Cinderella element. My working title was One Night with Zorro, but I didn’t want to face any copyright problems. The title was the last element of my story to slide into place, and I eventually settled on One Night of Misbehavior.

How did you decide on setting?
As I mentioned above, I chose Auckland, New Zealand since that is where I live, and I’ve never read a Cinderella-themed romance set in my home country. A point of difference, I thought.

How is it similar to the traditional Cinderella tale?
One Night of Misbehavior follows the traditional tale in so much as I have a stepmother and two selfish stepsisters. My “Cinderella” meets her mystery man at a ball and goes back to her normal life of drudgery the next day. She acts as housekeeper and cares for her grandmother who she loves dearly. Basically, she gives up her chance at independence because the grandmother she loves is sick and needs her. The story ends happily as a Cinderella tale and a romance should. 🙂

How is it different?
The New Zealand setting (Auckland and Napier) gives a point of difference as well as the spicy love scenes. I’ve also taken a little of Beauty and the Beast and given my story a secret twist that I think gives it a great difference.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
My message would be that sacrifice for love brings its own rewards, and knowing you’ve done the right thing, despite adversity, helps a person walk forward with pride. Also, trust in love. It’s worth waiting for!

What else are you currently working on?
This year I’ve received the rights of a dozen plus books back from one of my publishers. They are mostly contemporary and paranormal romances, and I’m re-editing them and self-publishing these titles. I’m writing new paranormal romances in my House of the Cat series, featuring feline shapeshifters and I’ve also participated in several paranormal romance box sets. At present, I’m putting the final touches to a Christmas romance.

If not Cinderella, who is your favorite Disney Princess and why?
This is where I confess that I’ve never really watched the Disney movies. My husband and I don’t have children so we haven’t been subjected to numerous viewings of these tales. In truth, Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale. I love the rags to riches element of the story and the way Cindy gets her man in the end. Love wins through. A happy ending for the romantic in me.
To learn more about Shelley and her books, visit her website and follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

He wears his scars on the outside. She keeps hers safe inside. Charlotte Dixon ignores her stepmother’s edict and, in an act of disobedience, attends one of the social events of the year—a masquerade costume ball. Charlotte’s naughtiness escalates when she dances and smooches with a sexy mystery man. The night of anonymous passion that follows makes her yearn for a different life, but the next day she’s back to her dull routine of household management. Advertising tycoon, Ash Marlborough is about to set a private investigator on the trail of his nameless princess when she waltzes right into his place of work. Charlotte is shocked to meet her masked man in the flesh, and even more perturbed when he asks her out on a date. Despite craving another night of sexy loving, she doesn’t have time for a man, not when she wants to reinvent herself and grasp a new, improved life with both hands. But Ash knows what he wants, and he’s determined to win the heart of his princess. Let the dance of seduction commence.
Warning: Contains a conniving stepmother, selfish stepsisters, a grandmother with fairy godmother tendencies and a sexy masked man who is willing to face them all for the love of a good woman.
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