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I’m delighted to welcome Amber Daulton, one of my fellow Glass Slipper Sisters, to my blog today. Amber is the author of several romance novellas, including Calla’s Summer Fantasy, Timeless Beginnings, Timeless Honor, and My Valentine Adventure. You can read an excerpt of Amber’s Cinderella themed book in the free Cinderella Treasure Trove, but first learn about her latest release and her wide assortment of other romance novels below.

What genre(s) do you write in? Why?
I have nine stories currently published in these romantic sub-genres: historical, time travel, romantic-suspense, contemporary western, contemporary romance, erotic romance, and New Adult. My books range between sweet (no sex, sex behind closed doors or mild petting) to spicy (explicit scenes with dirty language).
I love several genres of romance so it’s hard to stick with just one or two. Since some stories and characters only work in certain settings, I try to read a wide variety of books to get a feel of all the flavors so to speak. In essence, I write the same way.

Has your muse always known what genre you would write and be published in?
My muse takes me all over the place. I never really know which story I’ll write next or which genre it will be in.

What is your favorite part of writing?
What I love most is creating a new world or researching a real town and then twisting it enough to fictionalize it. Research, in my opinion, is more fun than writing at times. I love to learn about new places, cultures and people. Although I’d rather travel to do hands-on research, in-depth reading is second best.

What is your least favorite part of writing?

The hardest thing for me is deciding on character names. Now, that might not sound like a big deal, but the names have to fit with the characters I see in my mind perfectly. I feel stumped and lose my creativity if I assign a name to someone and it just doesn’t feel right. I usually choose the names based on their personality, physical characteristics, family dynamics/heritage, the time-period of the novel or just what I find sexy! I sometimes spend hours, if not days, just scouring through baby name books and websites for the best names.

Some writers edit excessively as they write; others wait until a novel is finished to do the bulk of editing. How about you?
I usually edit as I write but lately I’m trying to just write the whole book first and edit it later. In doing so, I realized it takes me longer to finish the book if I edit as I go along than if I just write it all at one time.

Do you outline your books or wing it? Describe your process.
I like to outline chapter by chapter. Sometimes I follow my notes to the word. Other times the characters take over and steer my story in another direction. Then I have to get into arguments with my H/h and force them back into the outline. More often than not, they refuse to get back in line and I have to write what they want.
Heh, it’s a give and a take relationship.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever done in the name of research?
I didn’t have Internet at home (or a computer for the longest time) when I was a teenager so my mom would drop me off at the public library for a few hours. I would save all the info I could on a floppy disc, wrote even more on sheets of paper, and I went to all these tourist websites to sign up for free travel brochures. So now I have dozens and dozens of brochures, travel maps, coupons, booklets, etc from countless states across the country. (Out-of-country cost postage so I ignored those sites.) I even contacted NASA and they sent me sooooo much stuff. Very cool!

Do you have a view in your writing space? What does your space look like?
I have a window in my office but it’s away from my desk so I face the wall like a bad little girl. Anyhoo, I love my office! Bookshelves cover every wall and I have cute little decorations like stuffed animals, shiny wall hangings and butterflies everywhere. My professional-looking stained desk somehow became horribly scratched up a few years ago when my husband and I moved to our new house so my hubby sanded it down and I painted it an off-white color and drew ivy and flowers all over the legs. It’s very whimsical now and fits great with my frou-frou decorations.

What is your latest book, in the works or just published?

Calla’s Summer Fantasy is one of my latest books and it came out this summer. It’s an erotic romance novella about a young woman and her ultimate secret fantasy.

What else have you written?
I write both clean and sexy. So if you’re interested in sweet, no-sex or sex behind-closed-doors, check out: Forever Winter (historical), Lightning over Bennett Ranch (western) and Cinderella’s Enchanted Night (cont. romance with a magical twist). If you like spicy and naughty romances, these are for you: A Hero’s Heart (romantic-suspense), Mistletoe in the City (NA), Timeless Honor and Timeless Beginnings (time travel), My Valentine Adventure (cont. romance), and Calla’s Summer Fantasy (erotic ménage à trois).
Also, check out the Cinderella Treasure Trove. It’s FREE on Amazon and at other retailers. Last year, 15 romance authors, including myself, formed the Glass Slipper Sisters and we produced an excerpt book to showcase snippets of our Cinderella-themed stories. Recipes and party ideas are also part of the freebie.

For more about Amber, visit her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also interact with Amber and the other Glass Slipper Sisters in our Facebook group.

Calla’s Summer Fantasy:
Calla Lansky needed help at playing the field. She scheduled two dates for the same night at her favorite seafood restaurant and she owed her shocked boyfriends an explanation. To her surprise, Nathan Risley and Sam Tomlin handled the awkward situation like pros and happily agreed to her ultimate fantasy: a ménage à trois. After the hottest night of her life, Calla faced the ultimate decision. Should she commit to the one man who secretly loved her all along or keep her options open and indulge in her summer fantasy again and again?

Buy it on Amazon

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