Type 1 Diabetes in Children – Book Offered Free to Newly Diagnosed

Type 1 Diabetes in Children
diabetes book for preschool children

I’d like to introduce you to Karri Andersen, a fellow Type 1 Diabetes mom who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Karri and I met over the Internet, and I was impressed with her mission of donating a free book to newly diagnosed families. I hate remembering those dark days when Type 1 Diabetes was a new and scary part of our lives. Let me just tell you – it’s an awful time. And when it’s a frightened child that has received the diagnosis, well, let’s just say that these families need all the support they can get.
diabetes book for preschoolers
Karri’s daughter, Kindra Andersen, was diagnosed at the age of four and is now a healthy fifteen-year-old. As a result of this experience, Karri self-published a book in 2012 for preschool age children on being diagnosed with T1D. She and her daughter have also started a Juvenile Diabetes Club for children and provide support for families. The club has members all around the globe. Members receive anniversary (Diaversary) medals and other fun gifts. In addition, Karri and Kindra are volunteers at their local Children’s Hospital. They donate free books and visit with families that have just been diagnosed.

They are now able to donate free books to children who have been diagnosed within the last year. To sign up for the club go to the website www.ihavediabetesbook.com. They are also on Facebook under “I have Diabetes Book and Club.”

Karri also has a new book out called Every Body’s Different, which shows children how everyone is unique and special.

Here is my interview with Karri:

What stands out in your mind when you think about your daughter’s diagnosis?
What I remember most when we were first diagnosed, the feeling was overwhelming! All the things that had to be done to keep my child healthy and alive. How I was going to manage our everyday life and feeling heartbroken that my daughter had a life-changing disease that didn’t have a cure. I felt alone because we didn’t know anybody who had T1D, my daughter didn’t have anybody else in her same situation and that she felt so different. It was heartbreaking and she would say to me “I can’t do this” and she would cry and I would look at her and say “you can do this” and we have. This still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.

Unfortunately, rates of Type 1 Diabetes in children are growing. What do you want newly diagnosed families to know?
When we visit children and families in the hospital one of the biggest concerns that they have is just how we manage everyday life. I feel like when they see Kindra healthy and happy and enjoying life and have lived with this disease for 11 years it’s a relief to them that their children can have a happy healthy life, just like everyone else. A lot of parents biggest concerns are school, sleepovers and other daily activities. We just want to make them not feel alone and give them as many resources as we can when we leave the hospital.

What is your goal with the book?

My goal with the books and the club is just to give kids something back that is a little bit positive, when they have to deal with so much with this disease. I want them to have the book to carry around with them to feel like they’re not alone and that there’s other children who have the same disease and that they are going to be ok. I want families to know that they have support and they can reach out to us at any time.


Tell me how you are able to give the book out for free.
I do all my own fundraising to help pay for the books and shipping. We end up paying for a lot of it ourselves. I used to be able to give out medals for free to all the club kids but as the membership increased to over 250 kids I can’t financially afford that anymore. I do have a sponsor, Byram Healthcare. They are a pharmaceutical company that I’ve used for the last 10 years for all my daughter’s supplies and medications. They pay for me to distribute the free books but it does not cover any shipping cost or office overhead. So that’s why I still continue to fund raise. My books are being given out now in California , Seattle and Utah in hospitals in organizations. With the help of the Internet and social media the books are given out throughout the United State and in other countries. It has been a great blessing to see how much my book has helped and I will continue to help and support all of our families I can.

If your child has been diagnosed with T1D within the past year, please go to the website to order your free book. www.ihavediabetesbook.com .

You can also order the book on Amazon.
This is a book about a little girl who has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, her struggle to understand it, and cope with her new life situation. This book will help children and adults, of all ages understand the everyday life issues associated with Juvenile Diabetes. This book has been written to show the most up to date medical devices, information, and practices for T1D.

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For more of my Type 1 Diabetes blog posts and resources relating to children and families, visit my Family Diabetes Crossroads page.


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