New Release – Risky Encounters Romantic Suspense Boxed Set Just 99 Cents

Romantic suspense boxed set


Big news! I’m part of a brand new 99 cent romantic suspense boxed set featuring five full-length novels. You read that right! A five book bundle for 99 cents, and it’s available for a limited time on Amazon. I’m super excited as this is my first multi-author boxed set. Here are the details:
Risky Encounters romantic suspense boxed set 99 cents
Action packed romantic suspense by USA Today, NY Times and international Bestselling Authors. Novels guaranteed to sweep you away with danger and excitement filled pages you won’t soon forget! Discover Southern steam and a deal with the devil, amnesia and intrigue on a horse ranch, fame gone terribly awry, star-crossed lovers haunted by betrayal, and an elegant hotel where danger lurks behind every door. This collection includes:

Sink or Swim by Stacy Juba – (hey, that’s me!)  After her stint on a reality TV show, personal trainer Cassidy Novak returns home to discover she has attracted a stalker.
Rx Missing: A Deborah Security Novel by Rebecca York – Max wakes up in a luxury hotel where anyone could be a foe–even the beautiful brunette he rescues from a savage beating.
Sons of Silver Springs: Heart of A Lawman by Patricia Rosemoor – Can Bart protect Josie from the past that’s threatening their future together?
Twilight’s Encore: Wounded Hearts Book #3 by Jacquie Biggar – One man’s betrayal will seal another’s fate.
Cocktail Cove: A Southern Steam Novel by Jennifer Saints – The only things to do when life shakes you up and pours you on rock bottom is fake amnesia to escape the mob and fall in love.
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Here is an excerpt from my book Sink or Swim

 As Lynn conferred with a co-worker, Cassidy turned to her own personal news team. “Boy, does this beat the Atlantic Devil in the luxury department,” she muttered.
“No kidding.” Alison scrawled into her wire-bound notebook. With her sleek helmet of blonde locks and designer wardrobe, she looked more like a TV anchorwoman than a small-town newspaper reporter.
Zach Gallagher, her photographer, pulled his Nikon digital camera out of a padded bag and removed the felt Stetson from his wavy black hair. “I wouldn’t mind taking a trip on this baby myself.” His flash blinked, triggering a half-dozen cameras from other parts of the ballroom.”Cassidy! Cassidy!” An acne-scarred young man rushed over to them. Lank greasy blond strands hung ragged past his shoulders, limp as a used mop, and a torn tee-shirt with Cassidy’s blurred likeness fell to the waist of his ripped jeans.
He cupped a camera to his heart. “Please, could I pose for one picture with you? I know this is a huge favor, but I can’t stay that long.”
Lynn gave her a subtle nod. “Yeah, sure,” Cassidy said.
She positioned herself beside the kid and Lynn snapped the photo with a cheerful “cheese.”His lip trembling, the kid stared at Cassidy. “You don’t know what this means to me. You should have won. Reggie was a loser.”
How could he say that? Reggie was dead. There were more important things than winning. Like living. Cassidy clamped down on her lip to keep from retorting. Telling off a fan wouldn’t exactly endear her to the cruise line. Being the “face” of the Starlight Sensation could mean a lot of money in her bank account. They were already shelling out $1,000, plus the expense of a limo, for her to scribble her name and act amiable.Luckily, the rest of the fans acted more restrained. Cassidy spent a pleasant hour and a half smiling and signing autographs. Afterwards, the last group streamed out the French doors, heading to the theater for the travel spiel. She snagged a finger sandwich and a couple wedges of cubed melon off a platter before strolling toward Alison, Zach and Lynn in back of the room.
Lynn gathered papers into a folder and stretched to her Amazonian height. “Thank you, Cassidy. That was fantastic. The next presentation should be starting if you’d like to watch.”
“Great. I’m still shocked all those people waited in line to meet me. Thanks so much for inviting me today.” Cassidy popped a piece of fruit into her mouth.
As Alison asked the publicist a few questions, Zach plucked a long-stemmed red rose off a vacant chair and extended it to Cassidy. “For you, my lady.”
She looked at him over the blood red petals. Young face, mature eyes. Wisps of dark bangs straggled under the brim of his cowboy hat, which he had replaced after he finished taking pictures. He definitely improved the view around here. The harbor outside had nothing on him.
“Thanks,” Cassidy said after she swallowed the melon.Zach offered a sheepish grin, tanned olive skin setting off even white teeth. “It’s not from me. I would have bought you a dozen if I knew you liked them. A little girl asked me to give it to you.”
Cassidy read the tag taped to the stem. “You’re the flower of my life. My love for you is blooming. Miles.”Hair on the back of her neck bristling, Cassidy dropped the rose to the hardwood floor and spun around. All she saw were white-jacketed waiters, glittering crystal chandeliers and their own reflections in the mirrored walls. “Was she with a man? What happened? What did the girl look like?”
“She was five or six. Long blonde hair pulled to the side, pink shirt, blue jeans. She came up to me on deck while I was walking around and said, ‘This has to go to Cassidy.’ I said, sure. I didn’t see a parent, but I wasn’t paying much attention. You okay?” Frowning, Zach touched her arm.

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  1. So happy to be in this set with you, Stacy! Your books are awesome!

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