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Once Upon a Time Meets Confessions of a ShopaholicAre you a fan of chick lit, sweet romance, and light entertaining reads that put you in a good mood? Then sign up for my free Storybook Valley Welcome Kit. Storybook Valley is the name of the theme park in the Catskills where my series takes place. It’s quirky, fun, and big on fairy tales. I like to describe it as a combination of the TV show Once Upon a Time meets Confessions of a ShopaholicOnce Upon a Time because of the fairy tale theme and quirky characters, and Confessions of a Shopaholic because of the chick lit premise and humor.

In the welcome kit, you’ll get a sample chapter of Fooling Around With Cinderella, interviews, a sneak peek at the characters, and princess tips. In addition, you can expect some more goodies later such as notes from the audiobook narrator, a free cheat sheet of Cinderella movies, an exclusive look at what’s next in the series, and more.

My goal with the Storybook Valley series is to make readers chuckle, carry them away from their daily stress (in a pumpkin coach), and provide them with a familiar place to return to as the series grows. Interested? Then sign up below. I would love to welcome you to Storybook Valley. I hope you enjoy this free romance sample.


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