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Risky Encounters Kindle boxed set

Last month, I announced that my book Sink or Swim was featured in the new limited edition box set Risky Encounters, available for 99 cents on Kindle and through Kindle Unlimited. Now, I’d like to introduce you to the other authors and share some of their excerpts. Today’s featured author is Patricia Rosemoor. Here is an excerpt from her book Sons of Silver Springs: Heart of A Lawman.



Josie willed herself to focus on any lurking danger, but she could no more see a threat in the dark than she could her own fingernails, which were digging painful little ditches in her palms.

Through fear-stiff lips she whispered, “Is someone there?”

Every muscle in her body tightened into knots as she waited for a response.


She jumped. The cat! She’d almost forgotten.

“Yes, kitty, I’m still here.”

But was she the only one?

No noise alerted her to another presence. No sudden intake of breath. No stirring of foot against rubble. And the cat’s call had once more sounded pitiful rather than angry.

If any threat had been present a moment ago, surely now it was gone.

Panic receding, Josie carefully slid her bottom forward over creaking boards and hunched up as close to her foot as her aching middle would allow. Ragged wood had gashed and caught the worn leather of her boot and held it fast in several places. Concentrating on working herself free, Josie almost missed the footfalls coming at her.

Then sweat popped down her spine. She literally ripped at the wooden slivers trapping her boot. Carefully, she wiggled her foot and pulled even as a bright light suddenly blinded her more effectively than had the dark.

“What are you up to?” came an arrogant male demand.

Freed at last, Josie put out a hand to shade her eyes. All she could fathom was a dark silhouette against the bright light. Her impression was of a tall man, one broader than most. She cautiously rose, careful not to step back into trouble.

“Maybe you should be the one answering that,” she said more bravely than she was feeling.

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Sink or Swim by Stacy Juba – (hey, that’s me!) After her stint on a reality TV show, personal trainer Cassidy Novak returns home to discover she has attracted a stalker.
Rx Missing: A Deborah Security Novel by Rebecca York – Mack wakes up in a luxury hotel where anyone could be a foe–even the beautiful brunette he rescues from a savage beating.
Sons of Silver Springs: Heart of A Lawman by Patricia Rosemoor – Can Bart protect Josie from the past that’s threatening their future together?
Twilight’s Encore: Wounded Hearts Book #3 by Jacquie Biggar – One man’s betrayal will seal another’s fate.
Cocktail Cove: A Southern Steam Novel by Jennifer Saints – The only things to do when life shakes you up and pours you on rock bottom is fake amnesia to escape the mob and fall in love.
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