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Today I welcome Brazilian crime author Matt Ferraz to my blog. Matt is making his debut on the cozy genre with The Convenient Cadaver, first volume of the Grandma Bertha Solving Murders series. Matt is only twenty-six years old, but already has a Masters in Biography and works published in English, Portuguese and Italian.

 What inspired your latest release?

The Convenient Cadaver was created as a tribute to three very special women. The first two are my grandmothers, Edite and Eva. I’ve always been very attached to them, and wanted to write a book using them as characters. The third one was my friend Silvia, a quirky lady who loved watching horror movies and lived with her five dogs. I decided that the best way to write about them was with  a cozy mystery. Sadly, Silvia passed away a few weeks before the book was released, and never had the chance to read it. She always supported my writing, and used to call me her Little Stephen King, after our favorite author.

How do you decide on setting?

With one exception, every chapter of The Convenient Cadaver takes place within the walls of the Hepburn residence, either on the remodeled garden shed where Grandma Bertha lives, or in the main house, where the rest of the family is. I can say this wasn’t a random choice and that it reflects one of the most important aspects of Grandma Bertha’s life. But it’s one of those things that shouldn’t be explained by the author. I leave to the readers to make their own conclusions.

What is your favorite part of writing?

Every time a character gives the answer to a puzzle I couldn’t solve myself.

What is your least favorite part of writing?

When people think it’s a glamourous job that I only do to look cool.

 How much time do you spend promoting your books?

Let’s just say this is my fifth interview in three days. I spent A LOT of time promoting my books. There are places online you can pay to promote your work, but the truth is that if you’re smart, you can get a lot of promotion for free. It takes time and patience, but not necessarely money.

 Were you “born to write” or did you discover your passion for writing later in life?

I wrote my first short story when I was four. It had wizards, flying castles, an evil army and a quest for a magical relic – and it almost filled the whole page! I haven’t stopped writing ever since, and I don’t think I ever will. It keeps me sane.

 What do you read?  Do you read different genres when you’re writing versus not writing?

I read a ton of different genres, fictiona and non-fiction. I love biographies, romances, horror books, crime, short stories… Poetry is great too, but I don’t usually read this sort of books from start to finish.

What’s your favorite film of all times?  Favorite book?

Can I mention three of each? My favorite movie director is Pier Paolo Pasolini, and my favorite actress is Anna Magnani, therefore I have to mention the movie they did together: Mamma Roma (1962). Warren Beatty’s Reds (1981) is another favorite of mine, with beautiful characters and an epic story. And I’d also like to mention The Last Detail (1973), the kind of movie Hollywood has forgotten how to make.

My three favorite books, in no particular order, are Anna Karenina, by Liev Tolstoi; Four Seasons, by Stephen King; and Death on the Nile by Agatha Christe. Pretty eclectic, huh?!

    What’s the coolest surprise you’ve ever had?

Sometimes I’m talking to someone about a new book, and find out they’ve already read some of my previous work. It’s a great sensation, and it makes me feel that, even though I’m still starting, a small portion of my legacy already exists.

  If you could have one skill that you don’t currently have, what would it be?

I’d like to have English as a first language. My English is pretty good for a self taught guy who only went abroad when he was twenty-five, but I always need a proofreader to make sure I didn’t make any stupid mistakes. That can be tiring, but it’s better not to complain. I already have much more success than I’d have writing in Portuguese. Brazil has wonderful readers and some of the best writers on the world, but our publishing market doesn’t reflect that. It’s sad, but that’s how it is.

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When Grandma Bertha moved to her son’s place, she brought along three dogs, several cases of beer and many, many horror film DVDs. While her daughter-in-law insists on the idea of sending Grandma Bertha to a retirement home, a dead girl appears near the house, shot three times in the back. Many years ago, Grandma Bertha let a murderer escape for not trusting in her own detective abilities. Now, armed with her wit and wisdom, she decides to solve that crime before the police. Could this crazy dog lady be a threat to a cold-blooded killer? And for how long can the family stand that situation?


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