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As I sit here typing this, there are two guys in my kitchen installing oak cabinets. Later this afternoon, someone will arrive to install quartz countertops. Yay!! I’m super excited and have been on a major spring cleaning organizing kick. I’ve been buying all sorts of drawer and cabinet organizers, shelf liners, shelving units for the kitchen, a backpack purse for myself, a new and improved diabetes bag to carry my daughter’s supplies, and we’re even ordering a new insulin pump and going tubeless for the first time.

Since we had to empty out the kitchen, my dining room currently looks like this:

classes for writers

Yikes! I’m not too worried though as the chaos is only temporary. I have a plan, just as I have a plan for my writing career. However, I’ve been overwhelmed in the past and incorporated everything into my class: Time Management Secrets for Authors: How to Balance Writing, Book Marketing, and Your Schedule While Igniting Your Creativity:

The Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America will be sponsoring this class from May 14-June 8. There are still a few slots remaining. Cost is $20 for members and $30 for non-members.

You can sign up here.

Do you wish there was more than 24 hours in the day? If it seems like there is never enough time to write, promote your published books, and/or prepare submissions to editors and agents and learn the ropes of the business side of writing, then this workshop is for you. I experienced the longest writer’s block of my life after a family health crisis. I went on a mission to resurrect my creativity and find the time and energy to manage my writing career. Thanks to my new strategies, I created a successful editing business, launched the Storybook Valley chick lit series, teach online courses, and consider myself more productive than ever.

Over the course of the month, participating writers will take important steps to advance their careers while also reducing the stress in their lives. Whether you’re struggling to overcome writer’s block, beef up your book promotion, or get your writing career launched, this class will arm you with the skills to get to the next level. Participants will receive assignments and suggested tasks in a friendly, interactive format so that by the end of the course, they will be in a much more organized state of being.

Part 1: Clearing Electronic Clutter
– Clean up your email
– Clean up bookmarks
– Organizing your computer folders
– Streamlining Twitter

Part 2: Clearing External Clutter
– Evaluating your living space
– Making over your writing space (s)
– Mindful cleaning

Part 3: Clearing Internal Clutter
– Journaling
– Creative play
– Exercise and meditation
– Writing rituals, warm-ups and music

Part 4: Organizing Your Book and Writing Career
– Vision Boards
– Mind mapping and storyboarding
– Series bibles, software, and document maps
– Goal-setting and action planning
– Word counts, calendars, tomatoes and interns
– Reward yourself

Does this sound like what you need to do some spring cleaning for your writing career and the rest of your life? Then go sign up with the Orange County Chapter, and you can tell me all about your stress levels next week!


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