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I have a new hockey website! Over the holidays, I spent some time setting up a hockey website and blog devoted to my Hockey Rivals books for middle grade and high schoolers. But that’s not all that will be featured on the site. I’ll also be highlighting other hockey books for teens and tweens, sports fiction for kids, videos, and resources of interest to hockey families.

In my first hockey video on YouTube which I embedded above, I give a tour of the Hockey Rivals Books website.

To date, the Hockey Rivals series includes Face-Off, which was published when I was a teenager, and Offsides, published over 25 years later. There’s an interesting story behind that, which I shared in this article.

My original website, which you’re on right now, highlights all of my books across different genres and age groups. As many of you know, I’ve written adult mystery novels, I write the Storybook Valley chick lit series, I’ve published a young adult paranormal thriller, and I’ve even published a kids’ book about the U.S. flag code. I felt as if my hockey books were getting lost in the shuffle. I know there is an audience for the books, as I’m thankful to see steady sales every day, but I don’t think many people were finding them through my website.

Kids sports novels

Face-Off is about twin brothers Brad and T.J. McKendrick, who don’t get along and avoid each other as much as possible until T.J. switches schools. They wind up playing on the same high school hockey team, which does not go well, at least not at first. The story also digs into their family life, which includes troubled younger brothers and parents who may be separating.

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Offsides takes place during the boys’ senior year. They’re both chasing a D-1 scholarship and there’’s a lot of tension going on. T.J.’s father doesn’t want him to delay college to play junior, Brad screws up and does something that could impact his game eligibility, and their parents are divorcing.

I hope young fans and their families will find my hockey website. I’ve got all sorts of fun posts and videos in the works. I’m also seeking guest bloggers – kids and adults – interested in reviewing kids’ sports books and movies, or sharing hockey resources of interest to families.

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