5 Kids’ Hockey Books Named Face-Off

If you’re seeking books about hockey or sports novels for kids, then check out these 5 children’s hockey books named Face-Off.

Featured books were highlighted on the Hockey Rivals Books Blog at https://www.hockeyrivalsbooks.com/childrens-hockey-books/. They are targeted to upper elementary school, middle grade, and young adult readers and include:

Face-Off by Stacy Juba
Face-Off by Jake Maddox
Face-Off by Matt Christopher
Face-Off by Chris Forsyth
Face-Off (Top 10 Lists of Everything in Hockey) – Sports Illustrated Kids Top 10 Lists

When I named my children’s hockey book Face-Off many years ago, at age sixteen, it seemed like the perfect title. After all, it was a hockey term and it also represented the friction between twin brothers Brad and T.J. McKendrick. What a perfect metaphor for a fictional book about hockey and sibling rivalry!

Well, the title isn’t as original as I thought. Several other authors of hockey books for kids had the same idea.

That’s okay. There ‘s plenty of room out there for more kids’ books about ice hockey, even if they have the same title!

For book blurbs and retail links of all the books included in this video – plus one bonus book – visit my blog post at https://www.hockeyrivalsbooks.com/childrens-hockey-books/ .

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