Offsides Hockey Audiobook Published Just In Time for Stanley Cup Finals #BostonBruins

Offsides (Hockey Rivals Book 2) is available as an Audible audiobook just in time for the Stanley Cup Finals. And how fitting as the McKendrick brothers in the book are homegrown Massachusetts high school hockey players and Boston Bruins fans, and the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals this year. (Go Bruins! They have been doing fantastic in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!) The McKendrick twins, Brad and T.J., have their hearts set on playing junior and landing a hockey scholarship to Boston College.

Maxwell Glick, who narrated Face-Off (Hockey Rivals Book 1) is back as the voice of the McKendrick brothers in this explosive sequel, an action-packed hockey novel for young adults. By the way, guess where Maxwell went to college? Boston College!

The release of the audiobook edition is exciting to me as Offsides was published 26 years after the original publication of Face-Off. The print and e-book editions came out late last year, and Maxwell and I began working on the Audible edition in March. What a fascinating experience this was for me, revisiting characters I created at sixteen years old and hearing my scenes performed by a talented narrator.  I had such fun bringing Brad and T.J. into the present with cell phones, texting, and social media, and even more fun listening to Maxwell’s performance.

You certainly don’t have to be a Boston Bruins fan to enjoy the Hockey Rivals books, but if you are one, then you’ll appreciate the New England setting. Here is the Offsides blurb:

Twin hockey stars T.J. and Brad have finally resolved their differences and forged a friendship on and off the ice. Now high school seniors, they focus on landing a commitment to a D1 school.

What should have been the best year ever takes a nasty hit when the boys’ parents announce their divorce, and Brad makes a mistake that could impact his game eligibility. Meanwhile, T.J. faces off against their father, who opposes his decision to delay college and pursue junior hockey.

Adding to the tension are a rebellious kid brother, girlfriend trouble, and recruiting pressure. The turmoil threatens to drive the twins apart just when they need to work together the most. With a championship title and their futures at stake, T.J. and Brad must fight to keep from going offsides.

If you start a free trial with Audible, you can get an audiobook for free! Enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals!

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