How to Pick a Name for Your Book Characters

FREE CHARACTER-NAMING GUIDE BELOW! Are you a fiction writer who could use some help on how to pick a name for your book characters? Then check out this video tour of seven amazing name generator websites for writers. I’ll show you where you can quickly generate English first and last names, find out names popular in certain years, discover multicultural names, and even generate the perfect names for medieval characters, dragons, vampires, unicorns, and fairies.

Do you need to find a quick name for a character’s grandfather born during World War II? Do you want a first name for your main character that has symbolism and depth? Do you need a Russian last name? A clever name for a dog? A tough guy name? How about a name for a fairy or a mermaid? This video has got you covered.

You can also visit my blog post which has clickable links to each site along with six questions you should be asking yourself before finalizing your character names.

Sign up for a PDF of my Tips for Naming Characters Guide, which includes a list of all the questions and character-name sites in one handy download. Get the PDF here.

In the comments, share the name of one of your characters and why you chose it. Please like this video and share it with any writers who might find it helpful! Have you used any of these sites to help you pick your character names? Do you have others to recommend? Let me know in the comments.

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