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I was honored to be included in a new video wiki titled Authors Of Challenging And Engrossing Books For Young Readers, which lists five compelling books for kids to read. My young adult family ice hockey novel, Offsides, was one of the books highlighted in the video. Many of you know that this book is special to me as it’s a sequel to Face-Off, the novel that I wrote at age sixteen and had published at eighteen.

Offsides was published twenty-five years later, and it was so much fun revisiting characters I created when I was a teen. (You can learn why it took twenty-five years in the note to readers that I included in the the published book. It’s a long story!)

I’m thrilled that my hard work on this book has been recognized and am beyond grateful that this wiki will help new readers to discover my Hockey Rivals books as well as other recommended books for kids to read. In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever for kids to find comfort and escape in fiction. Reading has helped me to get through difficult times, and I’m happy whenever I hear that my words touched someone else.

hockey book for teensAccording to the video page, the selected authors listed have written middle grade and YA books featuring diverse characters, challenging topics, and compelling plots that are sure to engage readers of all ages. I can’t wait to check out the other authors on the list.

Fun fact: one of the authors is Dean Pitchford, a songwriter, novelist, and screenwriter who has won an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award. Dean penned the screenplay for the movie Footloose, starring Kevin Bacon, and co-wrote a song from the movie, Let’s Hear It for the Boy, sung by Deniece Williams. Footloose is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I’ve been playing the soundtrack for years. In fact, last week, I just uploaded the CD to my iTunes playlist. How fun to learn that the Footloose screenwriter is also a novelist.

I’ll let you visit the wiki page to find out more about Dean’s book and the other wonderful authors and titles on the list.

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Head on over to discover some engrossing books for kids to read!




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