Reading List For Hockey Moms – 10 Must-Read Resource Books

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If you never know what to buy your favorite hockey mom, or you’re a hockey mom yourself, then be sure to check out my latest post on the Hockey Rivals Books blog.

In the article, I featured 10 books that make great gifts for hockey moms. They offer humor, art, knowledge of the game, emotional support, organizational tips, nutrition advice, and more.

Titles include:

Hockey Moms Aren’t Crazy by Jody M. Anderson (Author) and Scott Rolfs (Illustrator)

Hockey Moms Aren’t Crazy: The Coloring Book by Jody M. Anderson (Author) and Scott Rolfs (Illustrator)

The Rookie Hockey Mom: How to Play the Game’s Toughest Position by Melissa Walsh 

Home Ice: Reflections of a Reluctant Hockey Mom by Angie Abdou

Hockey Moms: Realities from the Rink: Introducing 20 Women You Already Know by Julie Bertuzzi (Author), Anthony Jenkins (Illustrator)

Lessons from Behind the Glass: The Journey of a Hockey Mom by Allyson Tufts

The Hockey Mom’s Manual: What SportsMom Thinks You’d Like to Know by Laurel Phillips and Barbara Stahl

My Kids Play Hockey: Essential Advice for Every Hockey Parent by  Christie Casciano Burns

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey: 101 Stories about the Players Who Love the Game and the Families that Cheer Them On by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Laura Robinson

Fueling Young Athletes by Heather Mangieri

To read a blurb about each hockey mom book and to see the covers, stop by my hockey blog to read the full post.

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