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A few years ago I was challenged to find the one common theme that runs through all of my books, not an easy task. As you may have noticed, I have written in several genres for adults, teens, and children including mystery, romance, romantic suspense, paranormal, sports fiction, and picture books.

What could a teddy bear in a children’s picture book have in common with an obit writer/amateur detective in her mid-twenties?

What similarities could there be between a theme park Cinderella/marketing coordinator and a teen psychic struggling over the ethics of mind control? Then it clicked. The characters inhabiting my stories have many differences, but they have two important similarities.

  • They make mistakes just like the rest of us.

  • They have reached a crossroads where they can either get out of their own way and move toward a more fulfilling future, or they can remain stuck in the same old rut.

For example, Cassidy Novak from Sink or Swim needs to trust others and find a balance between work and her relationships; Kris Langley from Twenty-Five Years Ago Today must find the compassion to forgive herself, release the past, and embark on a new life; the teenage Dawn from Dark Before Dawn needs to learn that what others think of her isn’t as important as what she thinks of herself; and the McKendrick brothers from Face-Off must find a way to reach mutual understanding and work as a team. Even the little “bear girls” in my picture books are on a journey as they struggle to become more independent.

What do you need to learn? Where do you want to go next? We all reach a fork in the road at various times during our lives and it can be difficult to venture away from the familiar and travel down a new path.

My personal “crossroads” came about when one of my children was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in kindergarten and I wanted to take control rather than have this disease control us. But that first year wasn’t easy.

As a result, I now write occasional blog posts that support families raising a child with Type 1 Diabetes. These diabetes-related posts will be archived below. I also frequently share the posts of various diabetes organizations and bloggers on social media and I publish my own Twitter newspaper, Diabetes Awareness Daily. In addition, I organized a JDRF Kids Walk in our local school system and was thrilled to help raise close to $9,000 for diabetes research. I’m always happy to hear from any parents who are struggling with a new diagnosis and need some advice.

As an author, I include these universal crossroads themes in my books so that the stories and characters will resonate with my readers. As a journalist and editor, I have always worked hard to educate people and introduce resources they might have never heard of, resources that could benefit them or their families. This page is “the crossroads” where my two goals as a writer intersect. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my characters and that the diabetes resources will inspire and assist many families. Thank you for visiting!

Below, listen to my interview on the podcast Diabetes Connections hosted by Stacey Simms. I discuss the warning signs of Type 1 Diabetes, the stressful months following my child’s diagnosis, and how I was able to finally finish Fooling Around With Cinderella after months of being in fight or flight mode. You can listen to Diabetes Connections on the podcast site, iTunes, I Heart Radio, or Stitcher. It is the first interview after the announcements.

Audio Only:

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