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Are you an audiobook listener? Here are some ways you can discover great books for Audible and iTunes for your listening pleasure.



Read Stacy’s interviews with her narrators and producers:

Karen Commins (Fooling Around With Cinderella) – Part 1 of interview
Karen Commins (Fooling Around With Cinderella) – Part 2 of interview
Erin Moon (Twenty-Five Years Ago Today)
Brick Shop Audiobooks (Twenty-Five Years Ago Today)
Maxwell Glick (Face-Off)
Cassandra Morris (Dark Before Dawn)
Bill Russell (The Teddy Bear Town Children’s Bundle)
Nicole Poole (Laundry Day)


Read the following audiobook-focused interviews with Stacy’s author friends where you will find great books for Audible. More will be regularly added.

Karen Rose Smith (Romance/Women’s Fiction)
Elaine Raco Chase (Romantic Comedy)
Judith Arnold (Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction)
Michele Drier (Mystery and Paranormal Romance)
Jill Hughey, (Historical Romance)
Caroline Clemmons (Western Historical Romance)
PJ Sharon (Contemporary Young Adult)
J.J. DiBenedetto (Romantic Suspense)
Uvi Poznansky (Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction)
Graeme Ing (Fantasy)
Barbara Silkstone (Romantic Comedy)
Skye Genaro (Teen Paranormal)
Laurel A. Rockefellar (Historical)
Amber Daulton (Contemporary Romance)

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