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Give yourself a summertime treat. Get this sampler of romantic suspense chapters and choose your next favorite author. Masters of the genre introduce you to compelling characters like a French Count, a navy pilot, star-crossed lovers, FBI hostage negotiators, terrorist victims, and more. Plus, drop in to meet a hero who’s every woman’s dream turn into his secondary character – an intriguing wolf. Features excerpts written by USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors.

Includes an excerpt of the reality TV mystery novel Sink or Swim.

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Excerpt of Sink or Swim by Stacy Juba

Cassidy Novak stared into the seething water. It couldn't end this way.
Gray waves buffeted against the 179-foot schooner and fog billowed through the spiderweb of rigging that snarled skyward. Heavy white sails furled, the Atlantic Devil's triple masts lumbered in formation like dead trees.

Gabriel stalked from the bow to mid-ship, his black turtleneck and slacks contrasting with his pale face. Cassidy’s pulse hammered in her throat as she searched his sober expression.


His full lips curled into what would have been a grin for most people. For Gabriel, the Grim Reaper, it mimicked a sneer.
He withdrew a saber from the metal sheath belted at his waist and gripped the hilt beneath the curve of the scoop-shaped hand-guard. Above the main mast, the black and white skull and crossbones flag thrashed in a wind dance.
Cassidy glanced at Reggie, the last surviving competitor besides herself. He rubbed the back of his shaved head and connected his fingers behind his neck. Her own posture locked tight. One of them would go home a millionaire.

The other ... she wouldn't reflect on that.
After three months isolated from society on the new reality show Sink or Swim, Cassidy wanted that prize money and the fame that accompanied it. Hope fortified her very bones. Maybe her days of scrambling to pay off debts and working a lousy job were over.
It’s yours. It has to be.

Just then, Gabriel caught her eye and gestured over his shoulder. Cassidy followed his index finger toward the gangway. To the plank.
Cassidy’s daredevil smile, practiced in the mirror before setting sail, faded like mist.
Her clever comebacks, which she’d imagined quoted at the water coolers of America, were not heard.
Her cascading red hair that she'd tossed like a drama queen – an invention strictly for TV – went taut around her finger.

She’d lost. The overall point tallies had come in, and she’d lost. Her dreams weren’t coming true after all.

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