Cinderella Treasure Trove

Cinderella Treasure Trove free romance excerpts and recipes
ISBN: B019E764YA
Pages: 99

Will Cinderella make it to the ball? She did in the fairy tale, but in these fresh takes on the original, just about anything can happen—and usually does. Fifteen romance authors have served up delicious samples of their Cinderella-themed stories, along with a feast of tasty treats and glitzy party ideas. Tap into your inner princess and indulge in excerpts sparkling with dream-come-true romance, nail-biting suspense, haunting magic, bubbly chick lit humor and tear-jerking heartaches.

After sampling our tasty morsels, you’ll find a treasure-trove of recipes and ideas to inspire your next party. Let the Glass Slipper Sisters style your regal table to perfection, thanks to the gorgeous, but quick and inexpensive adornments and easy-to-prepare scrumptious delights. You’ll even find a few party games that can be adapted for your royal guests whatever their age. Includes an excerpt of Fooling Around With Cinderella (Storybook Valley #1)

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Glass Slipper Frosting - Recipe supplied by Stacy Juba, author of Fooling Around With Cinderella
1 package JELL-O Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix
¼ cup confectioner’s sugar
1 cup milk
1 (8 oz) container of Cool Whip
White sparkles (you can find in the cake decorating aisle of a craft store)
Combine pudding mix, sugar and milk in a small bowl. Beat slowly with a rotary beater or the lowest speed of an electric mixer until well-blended, about 1 minute. Fold in whipped cream topping. Put in fridge for a half hour or so, and then spread on cake. Sprinkle with white sparkles. Please note that anything with this frosting needs refrigeration.

Bonus excerpt of Fooling Around With Cinderella (Storybook Valley #1) by Stacy Juba


Dylan scrutinized Jaine, arms folded across his royal blue shirt with the Storybook Valley logo stamped over the left in white block letters. “Do you wear contacts?”

“I have plenty of media contacts. Wait. Did you say wear contacts? You mean instead of these?” Jaine fingered the earpiece of her gold-rimmed glasses.
“Right. Contact lenses.”

She gave a nervous chuckle. “I scheduled a consultation in college, but was too squeamish to insert the lens. I was more comfortable in glasses.”

Was she really justifying her vision enhancement choices to her prospective new boss? Maybe he intended to discuss medical benefits. Or did he think she looked nerdy? What was the saying? Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses? Not that she wanted him to make a pass even if he was hot.

“How blind are you without glasses?” Dylan persisted.
“You wouldn’t want to drive with me.”
“How about if you’re walking around a building? Are you in danger of hurting yourself?”

This interview had taken the Mad Hatter Freeway from Fairy Tale Land into Wonderland where nothing made a damn bit of sense. Did this guy have a glasses fetish, like those weirdoes with shoe fetishes?

“I should be okay. I take them off for special occasions.” In fact, Jaine’s older sister Bree, who was getting married in August, remarked just last week, “You are losing the glasses for my wedding pictures, right?”

What the hell. She’d be a good sport and hope Dylan would be so grateful to pick the brain of a real, flesh and blood, bespectacled person that he would appoint her marketing director.


Cinderella Treasure Trove free romance samples and recipes

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