The Flag Keeper

The Flag Keeper is an American flag book for kids that makes a unique keepsake or fundraiser for Scout troops, military families, and elementary schools. Elizabeth may be a little bear, but she treats the American flag with big respect. After Dad leaves for a trip, Elizabeth pledges to raise the flag all by herself and follow all of the flag etiquette rules that her father has taught her. However, her dad never told her what to do if the flag gets dirty or the police show up. Teaches children about U.S. flag etiquette through a fiction story, flag facts, activity idea, and discussion questions. Written by Stacy and illustrated by her father.

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Please note that the book is also available as part of the Teddy Bear Town Children's Bundle. (available in audiobook and ebook editions)

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Reviews:Steve Van Buskirk, Director of Programs of VFW National Headquarters wrote:

“In my capacity with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I see dozens of patriotic publications each year. The Flag Keeper is unique in its approach to younger children. While it deals with important and somewhat detailed information, it does so in a clear and simple way that children can understand and even personalize. Complex issues such as patriotism, personal responsibility, honor and faithfulness are presented easily, graphically and with a sweetness and gentleness that belies the weight of these issues. I would encourage all true patriots with children to purchase a copy to start their “little patriots” off on the right foot.”

Mike Buss, Deputy Director, Americanism of American Legion National Headquarters wrote:

“A wonderful story about Elizabeth, who through life’s day-to-day adventures learns how to care for and display the flag. An excellent read!”

on Good Family Reads:

“I’d have to say go out and get this book if you have children. I think it’s very important to teach these concepts and I give this book a Ten.”

on The Midwest Book Review, (American History Shelf):

“The Flag Keeper is a flat-spined softcover book designed to teach young children about the American flag. Simple color illustrations follow the bear girl Elizabeth, as she learns how to treat a flag with proper respect, and why one should never fly it upside down except in emergency (an upside-down flag is a plea for immediate help from the police or anyone else available!) A handful of flag facts and discussion questions such as “How would you describe ‘flag etiquette’ to a friend?” round out this excellent educational book filled with information all American children should know.”

on The Staten Island Family:

“Reading The Flag Keeper is a terrific way for parents and kids to spend time together and enhance their celebration of the Fourth of July. It helps parents to keep their children reading and learning in the summer months, and moms and dads will even learn something themselves. The book can also be pulled out at other times of year, such as Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Flag Day.”

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