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Do you enjoy YA supernatural books? Dark Before Dawn is a fun YA novel for teens and adults who enjoy paranormal young adult fiction such as the Twilight, House of Night, and The Vampire Diaries series, Meg Cabot’s The Mediator series, or Lois Duncan books. It is available in trade paperback, audiobook, and bargain e-book editions. A #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller for Horror/Occult and for Children’s Science Fiction, Fantasy & Magic.

If you could control minds…would you?
It’s hard enough for Dawn hiding that she’s psychic from her new classmates and new step-family, but things gets even worse after she learns that E-S-P spells D-A-N-G-E-R. Dawn has been psychic since she was seven years old and has always considered herself an outcast. Even her own mother discourages her talent, so Dawn has kept her abilities quiet and feared a lifetime of loneliness. When she gets involved with a fortuneteller mentor and two girls who share her mysterious perception, Dawn finally belongs to a group. As her intuition strengthens, so does Dawn’s self esteem. However, when she discovers her new friends may be tied to freak “accidents” in their Maine beach town, Dawn has an impossible choice to make – continue developing the talent that makes her special or challenge the only people who have ever accepted her. This blend of suspenseful psychic novel and New England mystery is aimed at young adults and at adults who enjoy YA supernatural books. Book 3 of the Young Ladies of Mystery Series – each novel is a standalone, but shares a common theme of young women thrust into a world of danger and mystery in small town New England.
YA novel
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Trade paperback version available from your local bookseller and the following on-line retailers:
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Also available as part of the Young Ladies of Mystery Boxed Set.

The audiobook version of Dark Before Dawn is narrated by Cassandra Morris. It is WhisperSync for voice ready so that readers can switch seamlessly between listening and reading. This also means that if you own the Kindle edition, you can buy the audiobook for just $1.99. Audio retailers are listed below.

This book is also available as part of the Young Ladies of Mystery Boxed Set, which features three suspenseful novels in one download.

“A spooky and fast moving plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the shocking end…Stacy Juba is a quite a versatile writer and each of her books carry a unique plot that will capture you from the first page and hold you until the final sentence. Dark Before Dawn is a special book that should not be missed.”
Fresh Fiction

“If you love young adult paranormal fantasy, you’re going to LOVE this book.”
– A Girl and Her Kindle

“Stacy Juba wrote this captivating novel for young adults from Dawn’s angle, with realism and a dose of suspense. The main characters are well developed and likeable. The plot is one the reader is willingly following.”
The Masquerade Crew

Dark Before Dawn is a choice pick for those seeking works of modern fantasy and ESP.”
– The Midwest Book Review

“Stacy Juba did an awesome job of keeping me interested with her story. I’d love to read more of her books.”
Bookworm on the Loose

“An intriguing and mysterious story. I recommend for anyone who enjoys YA paranormals, including older adults. The narrator for this story was spot-on. She was just right for the part of a 16 year old girl and also did a fantastic job differentiating between the characters, including the males.”

“I’m officially, as of right now, Stacy Juba’s number one fan…The plot and writing style was riveting in Dark Before Dawn and I didn’t expect the outcome in the least. When devastating things happened spontaneously in the story, my heart broke every single time. Digging a bit deeper, I love how Juba stitched everything together so magically.”
– My Home Away From Home & Mera’s YA Book List Review

“Paranormal fans/Mystery fans/Young Adult fans will all be united on this excellent teenage witchy tale.”
Ariesgirl Book Reviews

“I was truly taken with this book… It takes a great plot to really stump and throw the reader off and Juba did an awesome job of keeping me interested. This author is going on my favorites list and I can’t wait to read more of her books.”
Shadow Kisses

“I love anything to do with psychics, fortune tellers, and teenagers who get themselves into scary situations and Dark Before Dawn didn’t disappoint me at all. This is a Young Adult novel but I can tell you that as an adult I was completely drawn into the story and anxious to see how it would all end…Stacy has an easy way of writing that draws you into her stories and keeps you there.”
– Peeking Between the Pages

“I am a fan of Stacy Juba’s and was intrigued by the plot of this story. I was hooked within the first few chapters. I refused to put it down till it was done…I would recommend this clean read to anyone!”
Tifferz Book Review

“If you like a nice, easy to follow story with a strong plot, then this will be right up your street.”
– Pandragon Reviews

“Let me just say that I loved this book. Every page gave me the chills and it just kept me guessing what would happen next.”
Bookworm on the Loose

“I was surprised how the ending came about as I didn’t think that would actually happen but it was certainly unexpected and that was good. It was certainly a good read and I would recommend it to anyone.”
Reading Shy With Aly

“What I liked about this novel: Dawn is your typical teenager (sans the psychic powers), with typical parental problems. This is good because the readers can relate more with the characters situation. Also, the message that the author is portraying, at least the message that I got, is to follow your intuition even when your brain is screaming the opposite…I recommend this book for teens, there is no mature content so parents, your kids will not be corrupted.”
Bookworms and Coffee

“Ms. Juba’s style of writing made Dark Before Dawn an easy and fun read.”
Becky on Books…and Quilts

“The writing style of this author was perfect. Throughout the book, I felt like I was in the head of a teenaged girl living in a new town and dealing with a whole new world. I enjoyed that there was a feeling of being an outcast and it was exactly how I would expect a girl to feel being thrown into a new family with an ability that she is unable to let surface.”
Reading is my Happy Place

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