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Stay tuned! Stacy is working on a new website for writers and will be offering classes on the Thinkific online course platform. She is busy creating slides, recording lessons, and designing downloadable course materials. More details coming soon!

Stacy is available to teach two online workshops to writers groups. She has presented workshops for groups including Sisters in Crime Guppies, YARWA, Savvy Authors, Celtic Hearts Through History Romance Writers, RWA-San Diego, Los Angeles Romance Writers, and Rhode Island Romance Writers. If you would be interested in hiring Stacy for a workshop, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Class descriptions and testimonials are below:

Time Management Secrets for Authors: How to Balance Writing, Book Marketing, and Your Schedule While Igniting Your Creativity:

Do you wish there was more than 24 hours in the day? If it seems like there is never enough time to write, promote your published books, and/or prepare submissions to editors and agents and learn the ropes of the business side of writing, then this workshop is for you. Author and editor Stacy Juba experienced the longest writer’s block of her life after a family health crisis. She went on a mission to resurrect her creativity and find the time and energy to manage her writing career. Thanks to her new strategies, Stacy created a successful editing business and launched an exciting new chick lit series, and considers her herself more productive than ever.

Over the course of the month, participating writers will take important steps to advance their careers while also reducing the stress in their lives. Whether you’re struggling to overcome writer’s block, beef up your book promotion, or get your writing career launched, this class will arm you with the skills to get to the next level. Participants will receive assignments and suggested tasks in a friendly, interactive format so that by the end of the course, they will be in a much more organized state of being.

Part 1: Clearing Electronic Clutter
– Clean up your email
– Clean up bookmarks
– Organizing your computer folders
– Streamlining Twitter

Part 2: Clearing External Clutter
– Evaluating your living space
– Making over your writing space (s)
– Mindful cleaning

Part 3: Clearing Internal Clutter
– Journaling
– Creative play
– Exercise and meditation
– Writing rituals, warm-ups and music

Part 4: Organizing Your Book and Writing Career
– Vision Boards
– Mind mapping and storyboarding
– Series bibles, software, and document maps
– Goal-setting and action planning
– Word counts, calendars, tomatoes and interns
– Reward yourself

How To Turn Your Author Blog Into A Powerful Marketing Tool:

Are you new to blogging and web sites and don’t know where to start? Do you have a site that isn’t getting much traffic? This class will provide authors with a variety of resources to enhance their blogs and web sites and drive more traffic toward their books. Author and editor Stacy Juba will share the secrets she has discovered from years of trial and error and working in the trenches. Learn from both her mistakes and successes. Participants will save hours of time and research by gaining a wealth of information in one place. Stacy will also visit blogs and offer individualized feedback to class participants.

Topics include:
Evaluating How to Get the Most From Your Blog – Effective plug-ins, widgets, spam control, and security measures. (with emphasis on WordPress)

Syndication – Syndicating your blog through sites such as Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Feedburner, and other outlets

Instagram Tips for Authors and Bloggers – Instagram tips for beginners as well as advanced tips for marketing books and blog posts

Writing Compelling Content – Writing posts that tie-in to your brand or book subjects, working with guest bloggers in an efficient and effective manner, where to get images and fun graphics, and planning strategies.

Blog Hops and Blog Tour Companies – Where to find blog hops, how to sign up for ready-made blog posts, and how to get free review copies.

Giveaways and Rafflecopter – Ways to make giveaways worth your time and investment and an introduction to Rafflecopter.

Using Triberr, Twitter and Pinterest to Drive Traffic – Introduction to the blog sharing community Triberr, what to expect from it, and ideas to make the most of Twitter and Pinterest.

Search Engine Optimization – Learn valuable secrets to get the right kind of visitors to your blog.

Becoming An Affiliate – Earn commissions from sales to sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBookstore, and Smashwords.

Can You Turn Your Blog Into A Book? How to take your blog content and turn it into an e-book for retail sale or a freebie for your newsletter subscribers.


“I really appreciate you providing such useful information in such an accessible way. This is easily one of the best classes I’ve taken anywhere—immediately useful and full of more I need to read and study and put into practice.” Willa Blair, historical romance and adventure author

“Thank you so much for this class, Stacy. I got so much out of it. So many ideas and I’m already implementing several techniques. Thank you for taking the time with this class and with me. I’ve learned so much and so glad I’m on a good track as I’m getting back into writing again. This was definitely worth the time to get organized and learn some great time management techniques.” Marty Rayne, erotic romance author

“Thanks for a phenomenal time management workshop, Stacy! Dozens of resources and great advice. Thank you!” Clara Kensie, YA author

“Your time management class was FABULOUS, by the way…It’s definitely worth sharing wide and far. :)”  Angele McQuade, YARWA

“It has been an excellent class and Stacy provided helpful material that will have a long lasting effect on my life and my writing.” Linda Butler, romance author

“Stacy, thank you for teaching this. It was very helpful and I got some new ideas that will hopefully help my productivity.” Alexis Walker, author

“Stacy’s seminar on How To Turn Your Blog Into A Powerful Marketing Tool was very helpful to me. Her lessons are easy to understand. My blog needs reviving – her tips on finding the right blogging material to attract readers and using guest bloggers are what I needed to get my blog going again.” Kelley Heckart, author of historical fantasy romance

“Having blogged almost daily for seven years, I thought I knew all about it. But Stacy’s class taught me lots of ways to enhance my blog from links to my other pages to syndication and layout. I really expect a boost in readership from the changes I’ve made. I loved the lessons.” Author Judy Alter, blogging at Judy’s Stew and Potluck with Judy

“Stacy Juba’s class takes blogging for writers to a new level. I’ve blogged for over three years, but I didn’t know many of the tools and links Stacy presented to students. Her class helps authors maximize their blog’s potential to attract readers, increase book sales, and turn blogs into profit. I recommend Stacy’s course. With her research and how-to approach, writers benefit from this class.” E.B. Davis, Sisters in Crime Guppies Member-at-Large and blogger at Writers Who Kill

“I got a lot out of your blog class. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.” cj petterson, author and blogger at Lyrical Pens

“I’ve enjoyed all the links and hints you gave us. I’ve saved them all and I’ll go through them later. One I’ve particularly wanted was the plug-in for people to follow my blog.”  Norma Huss, The Grandma Moses of Mystery

“Thank you, Stacy for a fantastic class! Lots to review and learn from. And thanks again for critiquing my site. I’ve already sent a beginning tweaks request to my web manager. Appreciate it!”
Gwendolyn Womack, author of books about romance, fate, and fortune

“Thanks so much, Stacy! It’s been a great class, although I wasn’t able to follow it day by day – such great info! I hired someone to redesign my website, plan to blog more often, and will put into place some of the SEO info and even consider the “blog into book” idea as a promotion.” Meg Mims, Intriguing Mystery/Vivid History

“Thanks, Stacy! Tons of good information in this class. I already made a couple of changes to my blog because of it. Some of it, I’ve filed away for later–lots to look into.” EM Kaplan, mystery and fantasy author

“A very informative class. I especially like how thorough it was, and the list of resources provided at the end.” Angelyn Schmid, historical romance author

“Many thanks for the thorough information offered with this course. I appreciated the personal touch the exchange of emails provided. They clarified what needs to be done with my site that I am currently putting in place.” Author C.J. Pastore

“Thank you, Stacy! I’ve learned a LOT and haven’t even had time to really go through everything in depth so I know this will be a great resource in the days to come.” Robin Michaela, romance author

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